We create gardens which fit your body like your second skin as it touches all your six senses


What we do

Garden architecture

We design new gardens, renovate the current ones, and consult and support clients with their needs.

Public courses

We change the gardening culture in the Czech Republic and Europe through our unique method of 6 senses for designing gardens.

Children education and support

We create gardens for children, and we involve them in the creative process.


We write books and sell them through our website. The free book offers introduction into our method of 6 senses. The paid book includes detailed methodology and advice, and includes around 100 photographs of our own.


I needed a passionate assistance to design a garden for my mum, who moved from a house, where she spent over 60 years to a flat with a garden. This truly revolutionary move was a fragile area to handle in our family. I was very fortunate to have had the link to Jana whom I know from the business area as an ACCA member a very professional one with a passion for garden architecture. At the event she organised for ACCA members Jana´s approach impressed also a specialist from a major garden machine producer, who could compare the performance with hundreds of others he visits on daily basis. He mainly acknowledged the customer care and focus on client. Jana is not just the direct author of a design, she is first of all a consultant and more of a coach to client´s true view and expectations from garden usage and then she helps with setting the preference in "stone" or paper, if you wish. I personally enjoyed working on our preference questionnaire, various visualisations and her practical recommendations relevant to the location of the place. After few months the garden started to flourish exactly as expected and planned and it is a pure joy. I admire Jana for her approach to her work life balance, the unique combination of the finance professionalism and passion for garden architecture.
Petra PolednováLysá nad Labem, Czech Republic
My cooperation with Yvona na Jana started thanks to a mutual friend - I met Yvona on holidays where she was telling me about her friend Jana who is working in finance as we are, but has a great passion for designing gardens, and that they are just setting up a garden design company. I was intriqued and so we met with both Jana and Yvona to have a chat about what I was looking for - we have a garden set up by a professional designer about four years ago - so it was nice- but I was missing more flowers and diversity in colours in it. Basically I was looking for some major refresh 🙂 Jana and Yvona made pictures of the garden, listen to my ideas on flowers and colours I like and then in a short time came with a very comrehensive plan - including pictures/pieces/prices and maps for the refresh. And I really liked it! we only met once to go through it, made some minor changes - and off I went to find a gardener to plant it 🙂 We love our garden, it's so diverse and flowers&colors pop up during the whole year and the scenery is so lovely.
Alice MachováPrague, Czech Republic
Jana presented an outstanding service to our community building. We have a big green area around the building which had to be organized. Jana put a lot of efforts to understand our need. Both through the questionnaire she sent and through the visit on site and the open discussions we had. The questionnaire itself was very useful for us to understand and define our needs towards the place. When discussing our need during her visit, we learned a lot about the way gardens and plant can/should be organized - it was already a good lecture on the topic. Soon after we received the 3D visualization. The way the garden was organized met all our needs and exceeded our expectations in terms of solutions employed - we had a proposal for a small fountain and organization of a garden that invites people to walk in. Since then, we gradually started employing the solutions she proposed. But the guarden is already alive with neighbours, their guest, and people from the neighborhood enjoying their picnic and barbeque events.
Kalin BlajevSofia, Bulgaria
The cooperation with the team of Zahrada na tělo was what I needed to bring my dream true. I wanted to convert a little yard in front of our house into a harmonic place, which would be pleasant to look at when entering/leaving the house. The space had many limitations, it was far from ideal. But Jana gave me the encouragement that my dream was possible. Her advice and the information provided during the workshop organised by Zahrada na telo gave me good tips on things to consider when planning a garden – layout, plants, shapes, senses, decorations - in order to create a garden based on individual preferences. The support and advice I received from Jana and Yvona was to my complete satisfaction. What I needed the most was an encouragement and an advice of knowledgeable garden expert, that I could discuss my ideas with. In summary, cooperation with Zahrada na tělo was smooth, prompt and professional and helped me to create my little garden space with harmony I wanted.
Kateřina ŠipkováPrague, Czech Republic

Who am I 

My name is Jana Šorfová and I design gardens which fit your body like a second skin, and satisfy all your six senses.

For that, I use my own methodology: thanks to the Garden Questionnaire I identify all your needs so that all your senses are impressed by the garden.

I am a member of the British Royal Horticultural Society and I like to travel for inspiration all around the world. I like to share my knowledge and experience with others in order to motivate and help them to create their perfect garden.